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23rd August 2014

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23rd August 2014

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The movement in this gif is fucking beautiful! 


The movement in this gif is fucking beautiful! 

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23rd August 2014

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i spent an hour making this trash


23rd August 2014

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Shoutout to Ryuko for using the greatest insult of all time


Shoutout to Ryuko for using the greatest insult of all time

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23rd August 2014

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Attack on Nudist Beach  by  点@うどん


Attack on Nudist Beach  by  点@うどん

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23rd August 2014

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I’ve talked to quite a few people who were disappointed that Satsuki didn’t help Ryuko deliver the final blow to Ragyo during the last episode — but I’m glad she didn’t, and it honestly wouldn’t have made any sense for her to do so (not only on a purely logical level, but also in terms of the kind of story klk tries to tell).

As much as the initial plot is centered around that fact that Ryuko wants to avenge her father — Kill la Kill is not about revenge. Yes, our two main characters are strongly driven by a bitter need for vengeance (and without it there would have been no story), but the most important aspect of this drive that they had was the fact that they abandoned it.

Mako at one point remarks that Ryuko wasn’t really after spilling blood, and that she was only pursuing her father’s murderer so adamantly because it was her way of grieving. She had never really known her father, felt abandoned her entire life, and then was left more alone than ever after his death. She had hoped she could get to really know him one day, and to compensate for that possibility when it was taken from her, she decided to channel her emotions by giving herself a fixed goal centered around vengeance. 

After her blowout during her first encounter with Nui, she tells Senketsu that she knew he had been crying when she lost control. If she had really been set on doling out rage filled vengeance, then don’t you think that Senketsu would have become angry rather than sad during their berserk transformation? He cried because he could feel her grief — her grief at having been left alone and abandoned, and feeling as though she had squandered the time during which she could have gotten to know her only family (to her knowledge) before it was too late.

Now let’s think about Satsuki. When she’s monologuing during episode 18, and retelling Soichiro’s story, she points out that the moment Ragyo discarded her surmised dead daughter’s body was the precise moment at which he decided to turn against her. As far is we know, this was the first of her mother’s actions that marked her as a horrible person in her mind.

From then on, it only piled up. We can all imagine the extent of the physical and psychological torture Satsuki had to endure during her eighteen years of life with Ragyo. But the truth remains that the “death” of her sister was the very basis of her hatred. She even brings it up right before she slices Ragyo’s head off: “You will pay for taking the lives of my father, Soichiro Kiryuin, and my baby sister who was never given a name.”

Like Ryuko, her need for vengeance stems from a deep grief over the fact that her family was taken from her — she too feels robbed of something precious, and even though Ragyo was probably more present in Satsuki’s life than Isshin was in Ryuko’s (probably a little bit too present, actually), being around that woman must have made her feel just about as good as being alone and abandoned.

Just think about all the emotional turmoil Satsuki must have gone through during the month she was captured following her failed rebellion. The little sister she had probably spent an immeasurable amount of time grieving over — imagining what life could and should have been like had she not been taken from her — was the girl she had remorselessly beaten and used without second thought. She was so focused on channeling her hatred for her mother that she failed to realize that something infinitely more important and attention worthy had been lying right under her nose all along.

Think about how guilty she must have felt. For a time I’m sure that she thought Ryuko might never be able to accept her or forgive her for the way she had treated her (and she probably wasn’t even ready to forgive herself because how was she any better than her mother if she was taking advantage of a person like this — of her little sister, no less?).

When she bows down to her Ryuko — that single moment right there marks the most humble, apologetic, and absolutely heartfelt of Satsuki’s gestures throughout the entire series. Ryuko tries to be uncompromising for as long as she can, but that act undoes her because she can’t actually hate her sister, not when she represents so wholly what it is that she had been after all this time. They both know what it feels like to be alone and to lose what feels most important in the world, and that’s in part what their reunion is about, and its what they can relate to and bond over in order to continue pursuing the same goal — “Help me to protect that beautiful world, Ryuko.”

The show was never about fulfilling petty desires for personal vengeance, it was always about being able to move past insignificant motives in order to really move forwards and realize what it is that’s most important in life. Both our heroines are pretty hateful and revenge seeking in the beginning. Ryuko is prone to fits of rage and falls quickly into fury when confronted with the object of her hatred. Satsuki has a much cooler sort of anger, which is arguably even more harmful, and can be very manipulative.

Their need for vengeance represents everything that is absolutely toxic in their lives — which is precisely why Ryuko doesn’t kill Nui, and it’s also why Satsuki isn’t the one to deliver the final blow to Ragyo.

The fact that they were able to find each other again changed them both for the better, and provided closure to a terrible chapter in both of their lives that they otherwise wouldn’t have seen the end of. Satsuki’s true victory, like Ryuko’s, doesn’t lie in the fact that she should have been able to kill the object of everything poison in her life — her true victory lies in having found her sister again.

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23rd August 2014

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In case you guys haven’t gotten sick of these yet part 1

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This was gonna be a comic about how Satsuki needed a break from work but then I remembered this post


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make me choose meme: kurotsvki asked madoka magica or kill la kill

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I did a thing part 2


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理髪店で寝てはいけない by ぎぇうす

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